The X-Rafter roofing system

See also: Posi-Joist and Posi-Stud Walls

This exciting new roofing system provides a flexible room in the roof solution capable of providing the thermal performance that will increasingly be required by the planned revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations. The MiTek Posi-Strut™ technology ensures that the roof panels are lightweight and easy to install. The system arrives on site, felted and counter battened ensuring that the roof is watertight in a short period of time.

The environmental benefits include the low U-Values that the system can achieve of 0.17 W/m²K; timber’s impeccable sustainability credentials; and the design of the loft as a “cold area” thus further reducing the energy consumption of the dwelling.

Ideal for use in narrow fronted gable to gable housing, the X-Rafter system starts with flat top structural gable panels, fixed to offsite manufactured Posi-Joist™ floor cassettes.

Spanning between the two structural gable panels, the next element of the X-Rafter system to be positioned is a pre-fabricated structural ceiling cassette with up-stand beams to provide the support for the X-Rafter roof cassettes.

Pre-Insulated, felted and counter battened offsite, the X-Rafter cassettes are craned into position.

The Posi-Joist cassette floor and the structural ceiling cassettes form two safe working platforms providing that the appropriate harnessing is worn by the installation team.

The apex spandrels are lowered into position to complete the cold roof space above the pre-insulated ceiling panels.

Wind and water tight in hours not days, the X-Rafter combines health and safety benefits with all the benefits of offsite timber engineering manufacture. Contact MiTek for further information.